How to Make Outdoor Camping Great for the Entire Family

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We love camping, but we understand that it can be difficult if you have to bring children and all of their "necessary" things. Our experienced team at No Trace Outdoor Gear came up with these five hacks to help you enjoy your next trip, and take away the stress.

Make Easy Meals

We know you have seen plenty of episodes of Top Chef, but this isn't your gourmet kitchen. Keep your meals simple.

Prep your snacks and ingredients before you leave home. Use your home kitchen and all of its luxuries (cutting board, running water, utensils for chopping, peeling etc.) to prep your meals and leave the heavy lifting at home. Pop these pre-prepped meals into the cooler and you are ready to go. 

For the kiddos, pre-pack single serving snacks that you can easily grab on the go and not miss a minute of fun time.

Keep With You a Hand-washing Station

Let's face it, kids are dirty. They inevitably find ways to get their hands muddy and clothes a mess. To avoid endless walks to the nearest sink, keep hand sanitizer and a hand-washing station at your camp. 

Our experts at No Trace Outdoor Gear have come up with a hack that has saved literally hundreds of trips the facilities. We suggest to bring a small cooler or jug for washing hands and keep it on the picnic table at your camp. These easy to fill jugs will keep your family clean and keep your legs fresh for the next hike.

Pro-Tip: Cut up small pieces of bar soap and put them in a small bag. These can pulled out individually and prevent you from handling a slippery soapy single bar.

Bring Tarps

We've all been there. You are out in the woods ready for a fun weekend and you hear a thunder clap in the distance. Then it begins, rain.

This is the exact situation that led our experts to suggest bringing along tarps to go with your tent. Tarps can provide additional dry space, outside of your stuffy tent, that gets the family outside and around your site without getting soaked.

Teach Your Family Something New 

In our opinion one of the best parts of camping is trying something new that you can't do at home. We suggest teaching your team something new to enrich their camp experience and set them up for success on future trips.

Some examples are teach your kids how to read a map, use a compass, tie different knots, first-aid, how to set up a tent, make a different camp food, or use a fishing pole and tie a hook. 

Be Prepared

An essential for any trip to wilderness is to be prepared. The motto of scouts worldwide, be prepared, is a good lesson for those traveling alone or with family.

Be sure to check local restrictions and weather conditions before you arrive at your campsite. Nothing is more disappointing than getting excited to make a fire, only to learn there are fire restrictions, or getting caught in a weekend of rain showers.

Nature is unpredictable, bring a chance of clothes and always have rain and waterproof gear.

To help you have the best experience on your next camping trip, our experts have hand picked quality gear and camping supplies. Check out the huge collection at and as always we will see you out there! 

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